Truth, Choices & Getting Over Stuff That Sucks

by Shannon on July 3, 2012
So it sucks? Power is yours. Choose truth.

So you say it sucks? Whatever it is for you?

You failed the test.
He broke up with you.
He never even called.
She was unbelievably rude and hurtful.
You didn’t get the job.
You got fired from your job.
She blamed (it) on you.
He shared your secret.
You didn’t make the team.
They lost, again.
They’re choosing favorites, again.

The leadership sucks.
School sucks.
He sucks.
She sucks.
It sucks.
It really sucks.
Whatever it is.

And I ask…are you sure? Are you sure it sucks? I know you think you’re sure, but are you REALLY sure? Really, really sure? Because if you’re going to give this thing the power, whatever it is, I want you to be really, really sure.

What do you believe about this thing (or situation or person) that sucks? How would you describe this thing that sucks, this thing that wants to take your power? How do you know your description is right? How can you be so sure it’s right?

If you’re going to give it the power, let it ruin your life, break you down, keep you in bed for three days, turn you into a freak, totally overwhelm you, take your focus away or take you away from your best friend, you better make damn sure you’re right.

Remember the last time? Remember how after it was all over you wondered why you had given it so much power when, OMG, it SO did not deserve it or he so did not deserve you or you had no idea what she’d been going through or…

Next time you find yourself feeling the emotions and saying the words and gearing up for battle against that next thing that sucks — and it will come, remember these ten syllables, this affirmation of your power:

Truth, girls:
So it sucks?
Power’s yours. You choose!

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