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What is Girls Get Real?

Girls Get Real (GGR) is a coaching and consulting company created to help 17-24 year old college women develop an extraordinary sense of self-awareness and emotional intelligence as the cornerstones to creating a successful and happy life.

Through this blog, as well as coaching, workshops, speaking and more, GGR connects with college women to give them tools and strategies for creating a life of happiness, freedom and fulfillment, even in the midst of increasing choices, responsibilities and expectations.

Get the whole story on the About Girls Get Real page.

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Is Girls Get Real for me?

Girls Get Real is for you if you are a college girl* (or a parent, educator or other adult interested in the development and education of the college girl.)

*A GGR “college girl” is any girl or young woman who is planning for, attending or recently graduated from college. (Not a college girl? No problem. We can help you Get Real too.)

And you are:

  • Doing everything the way it’s SUPPOSED to be done, the “right” way, but it feels like you’re just going through the motions.
  • Sure life has MORE to offer — you can just feel it, and you want to figure out how to get it.
  • Tired of changing or HIDING things about your self to meet other people’s expectations or in an effort to fit in.
  • Ready to feel HAPPY even when things don’t seem to be going your way.
  • Ready to start figuring out WHO you want to be even if you aren’t sure what you want to do with your life

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What does it mean to “Get Real”?

To “Get Real” is a unique phrase created by Shannon to describe the process of getting to know your most true, most real self and, then, using your new awareness to create your life in a way that embraces and honors the real you. Your journey to becoming a positive and free woman is the act of “getting real.”

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Is Girls Get Real free?

Yes, all of the website content is completely free! Girls Get Real wants to provide collegiate women with resources to better educate them on their options for a happy, positive and freedom-filled future.

Additionally, GGR offers a variety of services to help inpiduals and groups learn about and begin to live the Get Real lifestyle. View available services on the Work with Shannon page.

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How frequently will Girls Get Real post new content?

Look for new blog posts on the website at least every TUESDAY and THURSDAY. If you Subscribe by Email to GGR, you will receive notification each Thursday of that week’s new posts plus special subscriber-only tips, discounts and more.

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How can Girls Get Real help me?

If you have ever felt lost or confused in your life, Girls Get Real can provide you clarity and advice to help you get through these difficult situations. Whether you are questioning a relationship, having difficulty managing your time, or looking for direction on what college major you should choose, Girls Get Real will help direct you to the best answer for you.

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I love Girls Get Real! How can I get more involved?

There are several ways you can get more involved with Girls Get Real – and we hope you’ll use them all! Connect with GGR regularly on Facebook, Twitter and the blog. Or to interact live, invite Shannon to speak on your campus, attend an event, or check out the different coaching and consulting services Shannon offers through GGR.

Get more details on the Get Involved page.

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I’d like help with a specific topic. How do I find out more?

All GGR content is categorized. Use one of the convenient Category menus to find and browse the category that best matches your topic. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, use the Ask Shannon feature to post your question to Shannon or recommend a blog post on your topic.

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Will my parents be able to see comments that I post?

Currently, anyone who visits the site can view comments. If you’re not sure about your parents reading comments, you can comment anonymously or first name only – but please do comment. We really want to hear what you have to say.

Using these options, you should be in the clear. However, if the topic is super sensitive for you and you just can’t go there with them yet, even anonymously, we still want to hear from you. Simply email your comment to GGR at info@girlsgetreal.com.

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Who is Shannon Short?

Shannon is the Founder, President & Trailblazing Real Girl at Girls Get Real. She is a professionally trained life coach and the 2010 recipient of The Hot Mommas Project Mentorship Award. Through Girls Get Real, she is teaming up with girls and young women on high school and college campuses across the country to share her proven strategies, tools and awareness techniques for successfully navigating the journey through college and into the real world.

Find out more on the Meet Shannon page.

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What is Shannon’s background in coaching?

Shannon is a 2008 graduate of Coach U’s Core Essentials program, and is currently fulfilling final requirements to graduate from Coach U’s Advanced Coaching program and receive her Coach Certification through the International Coach Federation. She has experience coaching college women and recent college grads, as well as younger girls and women who are more established in the “real world.” Shannon has shared the GGR message with audiences from 20 to 200, including events with Georgia State University, Girl Talk and Alpha Omicron Pi.

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What is Coaching?

Coaching is a personal discovery process that is all about you, the coachee. Coaches don’t give you the answers but help you arrive at your own answers by challenging and guiding you with thought-provoking questions that help you look at yourself and your life from a new perspective.

Coaching is unlike therapy or counseling because it starts from where you are and looks forward. Therapy looks back and analyzes emotions and experiences that got you to where you are. A life coach will provide structure, guidance and support to the client. Coaching can take place face-to-face, over the phone or through e-mail correspondence. This is up to the discretion of the life coach and the client.

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Is Shannon available to come speak to my organization, high school or university?

Yes! This is one of Shannon’s favorite ways – and one of the best ways — to introduce the Get Real message to girls and young women across the country. Shannon has some favorite topics she speaks on, but if you have a special topic you want to address that can be tied into Getting Real (which is almost anything,) ask her about creating a custom talk just for your group.

Visit the Work with Shannon – Speaking page to find out more about topics and other details for bringing Shannon to speak to your campus or organization.

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What will Girls Get Real do for my organization?

Girls Get Real has the opportunity to engage your organization’s women in interesting conversation about finding themselves. Girls Get Real’s goal is to create a feeling of optimism and freedom in the lives of women 17-24.

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What if I am interested in talking with Shannon personally?

Shannon would love to connect with you. That’s what she’s here for and why she offers several great options for connecting with her at different levels, including several free options. See more about these options on the Get Involved and Contact pages.

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How can I contact GGR/Shannon?

The best way to contact GGR/Shannon directly is through the Contact Form here on the website. You can also interact with Shannon and other GGR fans via Girls Get Real on Facebook and Twitter.

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