Consulting – Program Development & EI

Getting Real is all about developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence in our college girls.

If you are a higher ed professional, you are likely responsible for creating programs for your students to help them become well-rounded, confident and successful students, leaders and members of society. If you want to create powerful programs that will help you meet your goals, you want those programs to include a component on Emotional Intelligence!

Shannon has lived and breathed EI since she was, herself, a 20 year old college junior, and now, you can hire her to help you develop Emotional Intelligence in the college girls (and guys) that you support.

Not only is Shannon an EI expert, but she knows how to relate to and communicate with college students in a way that they understand and appreciate. They’ve said it themselves in response to programs she has presented at universities across the Southeast.

Hire Shannon today to help you weave the unique and powerful aspect of Emotional Intelligence into your student programming.