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The Girls Get Real Mission

To start an epidemic that radically shifts the way we approach life and gives girls permission, space, tools and support to freely explore and live lives full of fun, freedom and fulfillment — from the start and on their own terms.

GGR Core Beliefs

  • Emotional Intelligence (EI): Self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence are the key elements to creating and living a life of happiness, freedom and fulfillment.
  • Adulthood: That we can experience lives full of fun, freedom and fulfillment even in the midst of the increasing responsibilities and expectations of adulthood.
  • Choice: To attain and maintain lives of happiness, freedom and fulfillment, we must make choices in our lives that align with who we are at our core, our most true selves — and be able to understand and acknowledge when we don’t and why.
  • We were put on this earth to have fun, feel free and freakin’ LOVE our lives.
  • We were NOT put on this earth to settle or to just do it because they said so or because it’s always been done that way.
  • Truth: The truth will set you free
  • Risk: Safe does not = Free


Girls Get Real (GGR) — a young company with a long history

While GGR officially launched in late 2009, its roots go all the way back to Shannon’s junior year at the University of Georgia. At 20 years old, on a normal day like any other day, Shannon had a light-bulb moment that began her own journey into self-discovery and personal truth. It was on this day that the very first seed for GGR was planted.

An active and conscious exploration of life

For the next 24 years, Shannon became an active and conscious explorer of life, herself and other people. She read hundreds of self-improvement and personal development books on topics like buts and fears, shadows and north stars (some of her favorites.) She truly wanted to be the best she she could be.

She took courses and sought information and understanding of the things in life that didn’t make sense to her. She talked a lot about what she was learning and analyzed it even more. She was gathering great wisdom about herself, others and the world around her, and her self-awareness grew and grew.

Two missing pieces

As she got older, wiser, and deeper into her journey, Shannon became very clear on two very important things — two things that could be life changing for young women who were embarking on a journey of their own:

  • Having wisdom and living by it are two very different things. You still have to figure out how to live in your new awareness and wisdom, and the books don’t really teach you how to do that. Young people going through this journey don’t have to take the long road of trial and error. With the proper support and education, they can cut the learning curve drastically and begin living their lives with more fun, freedom and fulfillment from the start.
  • Don’t get so busy being aware of how you are showing up in your life and how you could do better that you lose sight of how good you are already. Sure, there is always room for improvement and increased awareness, but you don’t want your growth to end up being to the detriment of your self, who is likely already pretty awesome at the core.

It was these two things, the two missing pieces that slowed Shannon’s own journey to self-actualization and personal truth, that were the final catalyst for the creation of Girls Get Real.

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