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Shannon Short is the Founder and President of Girls Get Real (GGR.) She is a professionally trained life coach, a graduate of the University of Georgia (BBA) and Mercer University (MEd), and the proud recipient of the 2010 Hot Mommas Project Mentorship Award. As part of Girls Get Real, Shannon has spoken to audiences of 20 to 200 about living the Get Real lifestyle.

As a result of her own 20 year journey of self-discovery and personal truth, which started when she was a junior in college, Shannon discovered that self-awareness and emotional intelligence are two of the key components to creating a successful and happy life. Stumbling through her own journey without any real guidance, she also discovered that gaining these skills is one thing, but figuring out how to actually apply them in your life can take a lifetime if you rely on good old trial and error to find your way.

Now, through GGR, Shannon is excited to be the guide for today’s college girls that she didn’t have in her own journey. Her mission is to help college girls everywhere develop an extraordinary sense of self-awareness and emotional intelligence as a powerful tool for jumping on the fast track to creating successful and happy lives – in every aspect of their lives — in college and beyond.

Shannon Short of Girls Get Real playfully swingingPhoto by: Elocin Eye Photography


A Personal Note from Shannon:

Hey ladies,

Welcome to Girls Get Real. Thanks so much for stopping by and checking things out.

If you’re wondering who this Shannon Short is that you’ll be getting real with, well, that’s me. And that’s my smiling face in the photo above.

Getting real is about living your whole truth and having the right tools to create a life of happiness, freedom and fulfillment, even in the midst of the increasing responsibilities and expectations of adulthood. Stick with me, and I promise to be your personal guide in creating the life you desire and deserve!

Take care and Keep It Real!


P. S. Want to know more about me? Check out my full bio, including more about my background, why I became a coach and why I chose to focus my attention on college girls.