Mission & Values

The Girls Get Real Mission

To start an epidemic that radically shifts the way we approach life and gives girls permission, space, tools and support to freely explore and live lives full of fun, freedom and fulfillment — from the start and on their own terms.

GGR Core Beliefs

  • Self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence are the key elements to creating and living a life of happiness, freedom and fulfillment.
  • That we can experience lives full of fun, freedom and fulfillment even in the midst of the increasing responsibilities and expectations of adulthood.
  • To attain and maintain lives of happiness, freedom and fulfillment, we must make choices in our lives that align with who we are at our core, our most true selves — and be able to understand and acknowledge when we don’t and why.
  • We were put on this earth to have fun, feel free and freakin’ LOVE our lives.
  • We were NOT put on this earth to settle or to just do it because they said so or because it’s always been done that way.