Truth, Choices & Getting Over Stuff That Sucks

by Shannon on July 3, 2012
So it sucks? Power is yours. Choose truth.

So you say it sucks? And I ask…are you sure? If you’re going to give it the power, let it ruin your life, break you down, or take you away from your best friend, you better make damn sure you’re right.
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5 Tried-and-True Secrets for Being Happy & Successful

by Shannon on February 6, 2012
Happy Road and five tried-and-true strategies to help you get there

Transitions can be both exciting & difficult. Practice these strategies for more happiness & success as you transition into college & the real world. Continue reading

Freshman Fifteen: What You Don’t Know about the Dining Halls on Your Campus

by on July 28, 2011
college campus dining halls

Apparently, dining halls aren’t just for eating anymore but are prime sites for studying, socializing and more. Continue reading

Big is Smaller than Small

by Shannon on March 16, 2011

Guest Post by Katelyn Fish, UGA Junior. Big is less than small? You’re probably thinking, “This girl has no idea what she is talking about.” Right? Actually, you’re WRONG. By this, I mean that you can make any…

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