A New Year is NOT Required to Resolve to Change

by Shannon on February 13, 2015

So I don’t get it. New Years Resolutions, that is.

New Years Resolutions don’t make ANY sense to me.

If there’s something you need or want to change, why wait until a New Year to resolve to make that change? Why not start right now, in the present, immediately, as soon as you realize something isn’t working out the way you expected?

If you’re someone who swears by New Years Resolutions (and even if you’re not,)

I DARE you not to wait.

What positive change you can make in your life right now, changes that will help you get real right now?

Maybe you need to get real about school and finding a healthy balance between academics, work and fun?
Or do you need to stop making excuses for that guy who calls himself your boyfriend but doesn’t show up in the relationship like you want or deserve?

Whatever it is for you, take a good look at the choices you are making, and if those choices aren’t working for you, it’s simple —

Redirect, start fresh, and make another choice, right now.

Yeah, change can be scary but not as scary as looking back and realizing how much time you’ve wasted sticking with something or someone that’s clearly not working for you.

No more waiting.

Get out there and start gettin’ real about change, wherever it is that change needs to happen in your life!

Forget about New Year’s Resolutions and resolve to be a conscious and active participant in your life, to strive to be your best you every day. And if you choose to continue to wait or to put off changes until New Year’s… or the weekend or Monday or the beginning of next month or next semester, I have one question for you.

What the hell are you waiting for?

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