8 Reasons You Shouldn’t Hate Valentine’s Day

by Shannon on February 14, 2012


Love may be what makes the world go ’round, but every February 14, Valentine’s Day has a way of knocking that sentiment right off it’s happy little axis.

On this very day that represents love, many of us find ourselves focusing more on hating the day than we do on all the things we have to love in our lives.

Loving to hate Valentine’s Day.

Based on my very non-scientific research, there appears to be a well defined and much talked about love/hate relationship with this holiday reserved for celebrating love.

Those on the hate side of Valentine’s Day use words like hate, loath, and dread to describe their feelings about this holiday of love, roses, chocolates and Cupid. You can read more about what they had to say here, here, here, here, here and here.

We get it.
You. Hate. Valentine’s. Day.

Well, we think it’s time for you to give V-day and yourself a break from all the hate, and maybe, just maybe, even take a peek at learning to love it just a little.

Eight reasons why you shouldn’t hate Valentine’s Day

  1. All that hate is a waste of time and energy — and it does NOT make you more attractive
  2. You may be single but at least you’re not in a BAD relationship
  3. Being single on Valentine’s Day does NOT mean no one will ever love you or you will be single forever — stop telling yourself these ridiculous stories
  4. You are NOT all alone and someone does actually love you — unless of course you are really all alone and no one loves you, including your mom, dad, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, classmates and all of your 827 Facebook friends
  5. Only you can decide if you’re going to feel like a loser because you’re single — the simple existence of Valentine’s Day does not give you this label
  6. In the beginning, Valentine’s Day wasn’t about romance but about sacrifice — so just maybe no valentine means no sacrifice
  7. There’s really nothing wrong with giving flowers, candy and gifts to someone you love — so for God’s sake, stop making it such a big deal just because it’s Valentine’s Day
  8. You get a special day every year where you are especially recognized with gifts, cards and parties; why shouldn’t love get it’s own day too?

So what do you say? If you’re one of those people who dreads Valentine’s Day, let go of the hate and the negative emotions you like to give to this holiday of love.

It’s Valentine’s Day. Accept it, embrace it, make friends with it.

I’m pretty sure this day of celebrating love is here to stay, so it’s time for you to change your relationship with it. Come on, you can do it.

The bottom line is…

You get to choose what this day, Valentine’s Day, represents for you.

Let it represent love, in whatever way you want to experience it — whether you’re attached, single or oddly somewhere in between.

And if you’re feeling like no one loves you, for what it’s worth, I don’t even know you and I love you. I know, kind of weird, but simply the truth. 🙂

So from my heart to yours, let’s be Valentine’s. Cool?

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