Feng Shui, We Have a Problem

by Shannon on February 2, 2012
From comic Daddy's Home: It's Feng Shui. Like it?

Dear Feng Shui,

I don’t know you very well, but apparently, you recently came to visit me.

You see, I couldn’t seem to get any work done in my office, and eventually, I realized…

Having my back to the door meant every time I sat down to work I was turning my back on the world — and on the exact people I claimed I wanted to touch with my work.

Holy crap. Really?

I had searched for months for just the right desk.

That desk was going to make me feel like the creative and passionate business woman that I am. After I found that desk, I spent several days playing with and testing out different positions for the desk within my new sun room-turned-office. I wanted it all to be just right.

Then…Eureka! I pushed the desk up against the back wall. That was it. I would create my legacy in the world sitting at my just-right desk while happily facing to look out upon the world through my nice, new, big office windows. I couldn’t imagine a better set up for someone like me who loves the outdoors.

I imagined all the work I would accomplish and all the lives I would change at that desk.

Every time I sat down at my desk, loads of energizing natural light would pour in through the large windows that span the back wall of the office.

As I worked, I would look out over the lovely little set of woods just beyond the glass, soaking in the beauty and life of the sunshine and trees and gleefully enjoying the occasional visit from a Hawk or other small wildlife alighting or scurrying past on a tree limb in front of me.

It would be sort of like working in a tree house. That sounded good, even right. I was ready. Things were perfect.

But apparently, I Could. Not. Have. Been. More. WRONG.

I couldn’t get a thing done. Pretty much every time I sat down at the desk to work, I was overcome by distraction. I’m talking the you-name-it-I’m-distracted-by-it kind of distraction.

It was a bit, shall I say, disastrous and quite unproductive. I couldn’t stay focused for the life of me. I lacked clarity and confidence and courage to start on and/or finish the myriad of very important things that I continued to add to my mental to-do list. Let’s just say I was going nowhere fast.

Then, click. The a-ha moment.

Every time I sit down at the desk, I am turning my back on the very world and the very people I long to serve.

I knew what I had to do. And the minute I turned the desk around, everything felt better – immediately better. And right. Really right. It still felt like a treehouse, but now, I was sitting in the trees instead of looking out at them.

And then it happened. Feng Shui, we have a problem.

Everything was perfect with my new office arrangement except the glare from the windows on my computer screen. I’ve been tolerating it for a couple of days now, but I can’t keep working like this.

And guess what? If I really look at the glare instead of trying to look past it, do you know what I see?

The beauty and life of the sunshine and trees and the blue, blue sky. I love that I can still see all of that outdoorsy beauty while facing in the right direction for prosperity and productivity and sharing my message, but do you know what this new discovery equals for me?

You guessed it. D-I-S-T-R-A-C-T-I-O-N!

So what now, oh wise Feng Shui?

WTH is the Feng Shui way to address the quite-inviting-and-lovely-yet-disturbingly-distracting glare on my computer screen that was created, ultimately, by my attempt to Feng Shui in the first place? Please, please, just answer this for me so I can, again, get un-distracted and back to work!

Sincerely and thank you — and keeping it real,

P.S. I have been dealing with the glare the entire time I’ve been writing — or trying to write — this letter, and it has been very, very distracting. Please, come quickly with a solution!
Now it’s your turn!
I don’t know how quickly Fung Shei will get back to me on this, so I’m looking for suggestions on how to resolve this problem. Please Like, Share, Comment, Chant, or whatever it takes, just share your suggestions and invite others along too!

I’ll be checking back every five minutes to see who has made suggestions, because I’m distracted and that’s what distracted people do. Unless, of course, I get distracted by walking the dog, doing laundry, playing Words with Friends, or incessantly checking email, Facebook and Twitter. 🙂

Thanks for being here! And truly, I’d love your suggestions.

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Image Credit: greatdad.com and Daddy’s Home, the creation of designer Gary Markstein and New York-based writer and illustrator Anthony Rubino Jr. See the full comic image here.

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