Wanna Get Real?

by on March 1, 2011
7 Simple Truths for Getting Real and Staying Real

Getting Real is a very real thing and a very vital part of being successful and happy in our life and our work.

But what does it mean to Get Real?




To Get Real means to:

  • Live in the whole truth, recognizing that your version of reality is only part of the bigger picture
  • Show up as an active, conscious and intentional participant in your life
  • Embrace and honor who you are and where you are right now — and then go from there
  • Be willing to take a good look at what makes you tick and how you feel about things as they are happening

And this is really just a start.

So if I’m going to Get Real, where do I even start?

To help you “get real,” I’ve identified Seven Simple Truths for Getting Real and Staying Real, and here they are:

Get Clear
Embrace the Present
Tweak Your Perspective

Recognize & Redirect Fear
Examine Your Beliefs
Acknowledge Choice
Loosen Up

Maybe you’ve heard some of these before, maybe not. Even if you have, you’ve never heard them from my perspective before, so I hope you’ll hang out with me over the next seven days as I share more about each of the truths, talking more about what they mean and why I think they matter.

Tomorrow, we’ll dig in to Simple Truth #1: Get Clear. What do you think it means to get clear? Have any ideas? Give it some thought and come back tomorrow to find out what Getting Clear means here at GGR.

Til then, take care and keep it real,


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