GGR 7 Simple Truths: Embrace the Present

by on March 1, 2011

You need to get clear about who you are and what you want in life,
and if you have no clue, start by getting curious.

Our opening quote in today’s post reminds us that the first step in getting real is Simple Truth #1: Get Clear. Now, let’s see what we can learn from the second of the 7 Simple Truths for Getting Real & Staying Real.

Simple Truth #2: Embrace the Present

To embrace the present is to become an active and conscious participant in your life and what is happening in that life TODAY. It is to live in purpose and on purpose, right now.

But don’t I need to plan for the future?

Sure, you want to be aware of the future and to consider your future in the choices you make today, but make your present, what is right in front of you on this day — each day, the priority of your attention.

My life coach said to me once,

“If every choice you make throughout each day
is authentic to your truest self, then
do you really have to worry about tomorrow?
Won’t it just work itself out?”

Wow. Now, that’s one to live by.

Be true in the present and tomorrow will take care of itself.

Practice being really present, fully present in all of aspects of your life. Choose things today that are authentic to you and make you happy and fulfilled. Choose things today that meet your needs and allow you to thrive in the present moment.

Be conscious of how you are living, how you are choosing to use your time. Live intentionally in every moment, paying special attention to the gifts of the life that is right in front of you. Try engaging all of your senses as you walk to class or go for a run, or even when you watch TV with your roommates or study?

Wonder if you’re Embracing the Present?

Here are a few clues that you are NOT embracing your present. You are:

  • Simply existing or “getting by”
  • Living for the weekend, wishing the week would hurry past
  • Already dreading Monday and it’s only Friday

Your present is escaping

Your present just may be escaping you… and taking your life with it.

Stop whisking your life away as if it’s a pest and get in the game. Choose activities and a direction in your life where you can get excited about the life that is right in front of you.

And when you can’t choose what’s happening in your present, choose to stay present anyway. Remember, you can find something positive in almost every situation if you’re willing to look closely enough.

So put on your rose-colored glasses, and go find your silver lining. Then, count your blessings, smile and pinch yourself to remind you that you are still here — right here.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about whether or not you are really living in and appreciating this very present present. If you’re not, yet, share some ideas of how you plan to start.

And til next time, keep it real.

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