GGR 7 Simple Truths: Acknowledge Choice

by on March 1, 2011

“Before you start blaming others for how things are going in your life, you need to
make darn sure it isn’t your very own choices that are causing the trouble.”

Simple Truth #6: Acknowledge Choice

Life is a series of choices.
Throughout life, we have endless opportunities to make choices. Sometimes we’ll make good choices and sometimes bad, but we will always have choices.

Even wheLoads of choicesn we think we don’t have a choice, there is always a choice.
As far as I can tell, every situation in life offers us two choices:

  • How we act – what we choose to do or not do, be or not be, think or not think.
  • How we react – the actions, thoughts and attitude we choose in response to things we have no control over.

And in many cases, we get the chance to exercise both of these choices. So, see… always a choice. Aren’t you relieved?

Fear can prevent you from making a choice at all.
Nobody said making choices would always be easy. In fact, I’m here to say that making a difficult choice can be a difficult — and scary — thing to do. In these cases, fear can sometimes freeze us into not making a choice at all.

Have you ever considered that by not making a choice you are actually choosing not to choose?

Crap! Yep, still a choice, your choice. And the biggest problem with not choosing is that it leaves the door open for someone or something else to make the choice for you. Now, that’s scary!

Not mistakes, just bad choices.
Some of our choices will be good for us and some bad, and when they’re bad, the door wants to swing wide open leaving us feeling powerless,Oops, I made a mistake! guilty or ashamed. Sure, we are responsible for all of our choices, but the beauty of choices is that, even with bad ones, there is still opportunity for making a new choice that will get us on the right path.

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