Freedom, It’s What’s for Life

by Shannon on April 12, 2011
Get Real Freedom

I love that word — FREEDOM — and what it represents. In fact, freedom is one of the things I strive for in my life along with joy, happiness, fulfillment and purpose, and all of the other things we strive for in life to make it worth while — hell, to make it outstanding because who actually strives for worthwhile.

Freedom can be a lot of things and can come from a lot of places. The obvious freedom we experience is that afforded us as citizens of a free country, and while I am amazingly grateful for that freedom, that one is already given to me. The freedom that really gets me excited is the freedom we have to discover or create for ourselves a life that makes us happy, fulfilled and purposeful.

I love the fact that I get to choose freedom in my life, that I get to create a life that allows me to FEEL free. Freedom isn’t about not having any responsibility, not having to go to work to make a living or having a bunch of free time on your hands. Not true freedom anyway.

True freedom is about having responsibility and being happy in the midst of that responsibility. It’s about making a living and making a life in an intentional, conscious and authentic manner. I think the problem so many of us face when we don’t feel free is that we are choosing to make ourselves responsible for things that don’t ring true to our soul — or we just like feeling stuck for some reason.

So what can we do to create more freedom in our lives? It begins with self-awareness. We have to know what makes us tick — what makes us happy and sad, what makes us feel fulfilled and what makes us feel empty, just as a start. Then, we have to be true to that truest form of ourselves. We have to be conscious of the things that matter to us as we make decisions about and create a life for ourselves.

Freedom — the kind that doesn’t involve chains are bars, anyway — is mostly about positive attitude, choice and perspective. It’s about truth rather than perception.

Do you want to be free? What’s holding you back? If there are places in your life you feel stuck or bound, like you have nowhere else to go, take a closer look.

What little pieces of positive might be hanging around that you just haven’t been able or willing to see?
Look for the silver lining in every situation, as it seems to me one almost always exists.
Take the blinders off and look at what other options might be awaiting you outside your comfort zone, your safe place.
Want to achieve true freedom in your life even when things don’t seem to be going your way? Then hang around here with me, because I have a whole lot more to say about optimism, choice, perspective and truth that can help you do just that.

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